World Series Game 2: Houston vs Everyone

Astros against Max Fried:
Altuve 4, Brantley 7, Bregman 5, Alvarez DH, Correa 6, Tucker 9, Gurriel 3, Siri 8, Maldonado 2

Urquidy RHP

Glad to see Siri in there. At least I know he’ll swing out of his shoes at a fastball down the middle.

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I don’t expect anything out of Siri except not fucking up.

Your evaluations are well known.

I have high hopes and low expectations. That’s not an evaluation or a criticism.

I think that perfectly describes Yuli’s slide into second last night.


I find it to be rather chilly here.

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Reminded me of a Dizzy Dean radio call - “He slud into 2nd, and he’s outta there!”

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Let’s play some good baseball, Astros.

OK, before we go, did everybody pack their auspices?



Altuve Opposite Field Hits
2017: 52
2021: 12

Somebody has murdered his approach.

5 pitches 5 strikes.

They’re somewhere in this 18 pack of Modelo, I’ll find 'em soon.


Dot that MFer up.

Roof open. Need some ju ju to combat that gris gris.

Check the inside of the bottoms.


Albies is wearing s out on 13 mph exit velo


Swinging bunt for Albies stays fair.

Ron Kulpable.