World Series Game 1: Houston vs Everyone

Come on, Good Framber. We need you, buddy.


Soler, DH
Freeman, 1B
Albies, 2B
Riley, 3B
Rosario, LF
Duval, CF
d’Arnaud, C
Pederson, RF
Swanson, SS

Morton, P


Altuve, 2B
Brantley, LF
Bregman, 3B
Alvarez, DH
Correa, SS
Tucker, RF
Gurriel, 1B
McCormick, CF
Maldonado, C

Valdez, P


I already hate Pederson. I have a feeling I’m going to hate Duval and Riley by the time this series is over too. And I fully expect Soler to have a couple of huge swings. It’s a lineup full of talented annoying hitters (and Freeman who is awesome).

Hopefully, he’ll be too worried about the Beaver to concentrate.

Travis was 0 for 11 in throwing out runners in the NLCS and 0 for 2 in the NLDS (and 5 for 31 during the regular season). Could be an interesting thing to watch during the series.


Let’s go Astros! Have a great at bats against Charlie Morton. Framber: pound the zone like you did in Boston.

Everyone but Bregman gets stolen bases this series.

Run run run

I’m not nervous, you’re nervous

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Never before tonight have I been glad we didn’t have enough players and had to forfeit our denial league game. Let’s go!


I’m nervous.

I’m quite nervous. Anyone but CFM, first game. Dude has ice water…

Kris just brought me a beer and charged me $14. She wanted me to have the complete ballpark experience.


Tomorrow she will pull the roof off the house without asking.


First WS where the top 2 picks in a draft (Swanson/Bregman) have faced each other.

Thanks Arizona!

Mattress Mac bought their tickets.


I will always be nervous before and during any Astros’ playoff game. One pitch or play can drastically change the outcome and every team is good in the playoffs.

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amazing the things we can accomplish with some time, energy, enthusiasm and intelligence.

I’m hoping we get Charlie Mortal and not PFKACFM*

*Pitcher Formerly Known As CFM


That’s where I am.

This week is gonna be a long month.

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Orale’ Framboso!

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Horrible start.