Women's NCAA

I just checked the women’s results, and the A&M women are in the Sweet 16. WHEN DID THEY LET WOMEN INTO A&M?

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I think before they let men into Texas Woman’s University

I watched the end of the A&M-Iowa State game. Credit to A&M… they were down 4 with about 30 seconds to play and found a way to pull it out. It helped them that Iowa State’s strategy on the last play of regulation - in a tie game - was to drive the line with a girl that might have been four-feet tall and try to go over A&M’s size (Narrator: it didn’t work). Then they turned it over late in OT and the Aggie player went coast-to-coast for a tough lay-in at the buzzer.

I’ve vaguely followed women’s basketball since Texas was a powerhouse, which was a long time ago. This looks like a good year to watch.

I’ve haven’t followed women’s college basketball much lately. I remember some great Tennessee/UConn match-ups when Pat Summit was still coaching. Those games were as intense as any man’s game. Then Summit had to retire and UConn got so much better than everyone else and there was no drama knowing UConn was going to wipe out the field. It looks like the field has finally caught up with UConn, maybe

And the refs are also just as bad as in the Men’s game. A&M avoided an upset in then opening round thanks to a missed call on a block/charge and a badly missed back court call.

In an semi related, ironic note, Troy’s campus had the highest STD rate of any campus in Alabama a few years ago. Come on guys… your supposed to be the Trojans!

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