Why not

Sign Hunter Pence to a one day contract and start him Sunday?

You are fucking crazy.

Always loved Pence. He was released by the Giants a few weeks ago and just announced his retirement. He also played for the Rangers.

Admittedly I don’t know for implications for 40 man roster, etc.

He had a great career and played for two WS winners.

You are fucking crazy.

Pence is a Giant.

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Well, he’s had a solid career but…

I read last night he announced his retirement.

He had the chance to sign with the Astros during the past off-season and chose SF. Not sure why anyone thinks he wants to retire as an Astro. He chose the Giants.

You’re right - I bet the Giants would do it if their postseason chance wasn’t on the line.

Right. And if he were a HOF guy, he’d go in as a Giant. I enjoyed having him on the team, but having him retire as an Astro wouldn’t fit his career.

This is all beside the point considering he retired as a Giant anyway.

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Exactly right, Waldo.

Well, Pence was never very orthodox.