Why defame a team that WINS w/ prospects the rest of the baseball world discards?

Almost ignored this article b/c of the title, but…

Enjoyed this highlight, beautifully detailing the successful Astros’ open secret - their stunning success tracking and signing older, REJECTED, Latin prospects (Blanco, etc.) - but couldn’t believe the besmirching title…

Article on ‘Stros’ success w/ older Latin prospects calls it ‘cheating’!!!

It never ends.

Get over it already! It’s not cheating to prospect for diamonds in the rough.

Not sure if this is sarcasm or not. I skimmed the article and didn’t get the impression that she was accusing the Astros of cheating. “Cheat code” is a compliment, not a pejorative. If you want to say it’s a cheeky backhanded compliment because it’s used in this specific context with regard to the Astros, then… maybe? I don’t know anything about the author and have no intention of litigating her previous work to find out.

It’s Snuffy. Anything posted can be safely assumed to be utter nonsense.


That was infinitely more polite than what I was heading here to post.


Ignore is our friend

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I guess I’m in work mode right now. Normally I’d probably say “utter fucking nonsense” but that might still be more polite. Snuffy is a bit of stain on this place from a “what the fuck are you even talking about” standpoint


I think Snuffy has good intentions in spite of his misguided approach. He may be ponderous but he doesn’t deserve the contempt.


The driver going 45MPH on the highway might be harmless but it’s fucking annoying

FWIW, the article is from Clutch Points, which is generally little more than click bait (and certainly read like such to me).

Like Sphinx, I don’t mind Snuffy and think he means well. I usually skip/skim over his posts for reasons others have already pointed out, though.

That’s the irony: Not once in the article was the word “cheat” used. The title is repeated as a caption for Blanco’s pic.

How often is an editor tempted to choose click bait in the title - not unlike this post and other posts here?

I agree, @drewcifer, it did not describe the actual content of the article. I wonder why other teams have not started exploring older players and, if they have, they are still in the learning curve - or haven’t established a presence in those countries to matter.

Good fucking grief. Nothing in the article, including the headline, accused the Astros of cheating.

Precisely, @Bench.
Wish Jackson had a more honest editor…

@Snuffy If you keep getting offended at every piece of click bait, you are going to be offended all the time. Save the outrage for real offense not manufactured offense aimed at driving eyes.

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I am not on this team.

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Now that’s dead on.
Thanks, @Col.SphinxDrummond, I’ll work on that.

@Duman I recognize click bait titles, but I don’t recognize the Astros early on.


You do NOT have to share every thought.