White Sox at Astros 6/18/22

Bregman crushes a Giolito hanger for a 2 run homer.

And now a YULI bomb.

Dogs and Cats Living Together

That was a not a good strike call. Mark? Thoughts?

Phil Cuzzi blew 2 strike calls there.

So if for some strange reason you’re seeking an alternative to the broadcast audio, Bagwell is doing color on the radio.

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Tied 3-3 on 3 straight hits by White Sox

Wish I could get that. I’m stuck with these idiots.

That was a meatball to Pollock.

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Man, brutal. You don’t get radio signal out where you are? You have a CB, shortwave? Is there a party line?

Astros radio coverage is spotty in Central Texas. Don’t know why.

Framber did that nicely but threw too early to 2nd imo.

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Yordan with a strike to HP for the 3rd out, nailed him by 5 feet.

Once I saw that idiot not slowing down as he approached third I started laughing and said aloud, You’re out.

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Why are we doing the time dilation / travel thing?

I’m just trying to keep up.


Well, the date at MY location in the STC is June 17, 2022.


Neil’s post from yesterday has deep repercussions.

Clearly it’s Abbott and Patrick. With Paxton acting as the strong arm.


I’m absolutely certain Paxton doesn’t have a strong anything.

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I’m pretty sure there are a couple of podunk stations with an I heart radio stream or something similar that don’t know they need to black out the Astros broadcasts on their streams. There certainly were the last time I found myself needing a radio stream, which was last year.

Of course, most people are more forgiving of bad broadcast teams than I am, and apparently I have more time on my hands than most people.