White Sox @ Astros, June 17th

Urquidy K’s Anderson to start top of the first.

Engle follows with a K.

Moncada grounds out to second. Urquidy with an 11 pitch first inning.

Astros coming to bat.

I think that was Correa in the shift.

So far, so good.

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Probably right Jim. No one was doing PBP so I quickly started the thread. Not used to doing this. Someone can have it if they like.

Hustle hustle.

Cease on the mound for the White Sox.

Altuve with an infield single in the deep hole between short and the second base bag.

Everybody safe

Take advantage.

McCormick…foul, strike looking, foul, grounds to third, error on the throw to second. Altuve safe at second and McCormick at first. No outs.


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Uncle mike!

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Brantley…ball, Brantley smokes a line drive homer to right!! Astros lead 3-0!!!

107 off the bat

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Yes, please!

So THAT’S what it’s like having a three hitter!


Gurriel…strike looking, ball, ground out to third. One out.

Not sure how I feel about the pitch identifier.

Leaning toward get off my lawn.

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Alvarez…ball high, strike looking, curve for a strike looking, swing and miss at fastball at 97 high and out of the zone.

Correa…foul, ball, swinging strike at breaking ball in the dirt, ball, looks at fastball down the middle for a K.

Astros lead 3-0 after 1.

Brantley’s first HR since May 4th