White Sox @ Astros, April 2, 2023

White Sox get a runner to third but don’t score a run. On to the bottom of the first.

Me no likey the top of the 2nd.

ETA: Oh, ye of little faith.

Agree, but ended well…
PS: 10 batters faced in 2 scoreless innings…

I got all faith

Sure getting tired of HBPs.


They need to quit hitting our guys on the wrists, that’s danger zone stuff

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Two pitchers facing 10 batters each in 2-innings, combined 80 pitches…

Sparksy - I enjoy him calling games. Changes my whole attitude.

Joe Espada is a smart guy.

Yeah, that was a very enjoyable conversation.

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Why aren’t we beating this guy to a pulp?

What do you think the White Sox are saying to themselves?

Calm down, RFer

Garcia chased after a Ainslie and a walk.

Maton gives up an rbi double.

3-0, no outs in the 6th.

3-0 Sox, bases loaded nobody out…

This is gonna get out of hand.

This is brutal to watch in person at The Juice Box.

Praise be for expensive beers.

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So Gameday describes those pitches by Maton as “sweepers”. I’ve never heard of that.

As Maton strands the bases loaded. Good job to keep it from getting out of hand.

Damage limited.

Runs now, please.

Maton really put that inning back together.