White Sox @ Astros 6/18/2022

Ground ball single past short
6- 4 force.

14 pitches for Verlander

No score

Cueto pitching for White Sox

Altuve bloop single to cf on 2-2

Brantley scorched a liner right to Abreu on the bag.


Nothing Jose could do

Bregman Ks looking

No score after 1

Pollock-Foul out to Yuli
Harrison- 5-3

JV at 25 pitches through 2

Alvarez- fly out 9
Tucker- fly out 7
Gurriel- fly out 4 in short CF

Through 2 no score.

So we’re still doing the wrong date thing? I guess it worked yesterday…

Oops I just added a day to yesterday’s

Didn’t pay attention

Let’s see how it goes…

So if the Astros refuse to employ a second baseman, they deserve this shit.

JV has thrown what should have been 6 ground ball outs already this inning, but he’s down 2-0 with one out.


Exploiting the shift. I hate it.

Zavala- weak liner single to left
Engel- FO 9
Mendick- shift beating ground single to RF. Zavala to 2B
Vaughn- ground single to RF bases loaded
Robert- 2 run line single to RF. Vaughn to 2B
Abreu- 2 run double just past Bregman

The Sox have hit one ball that should have left the infield.

I changed it.

Now let’s get out of this

Pollock 5-3 Abreu stays at 2B
Burger- 6-3

White Sox score 4

Somebody else better take PBP I’m leaving

Jeebus…at what point to the Astros cover the right side of the infield?

Wow, right at Altuve….