Now the poor RS fans say the Astros whistled to signal a fastball. If they were not using cameras, that ain’t cheating at all. I do not believe a word of it, of course.

It would have had to be a pretty loud whistle.

The Astros are the most watched team in baseball. They can’t go to the bathroom without being accused of stealing a sign. All of it is baseless.

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Within days of the Athletic article, a fan developed a program to identify the trash can bangs in archived MLB.TV games. We know every pitch where the scheme was used or wasn’t used. The idea that other teams, the league, or other random fans haven’t developed similar programs to monitor every MLB game now seems unbelievable. If somebody’s running a live video sign stealing scheme, there’d be hard evidence very quickly.

I also saw that Cora shot down those whistling rumors. Not that he has the world’s best credibility, but he was basically saying the way MLB monitors everyone now would make the live video schemes impossible. Bassitt said the same thing earlier this week. But fans will jump to conclusions over absolutely nothing.

Excuse for losing is what that is. Oh, by the way, RS fans. Stealing signs ain’t cheating unless cameras are involved.


I have three words for Red Sox’ fans that I think you’ll appreciate, Jim:


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hmm stole the bathroom sign? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: