When is a no-hitter not a no-hitter?

So it’s the back half of the double-header between Atlanta and Arizona. And like all double-header games this year it’s of course just 7 innings.

MadBum is tossing goose eggs at this stage. And we do mean goose eggs. It’s through 6 innings at this point.

Will it be an official no-hitter or not if he blanks the Braves in the bottom of the 7th? The broadcaster just said no so there we go.

You cannot throw a no-hitter in a 7-inning game, but you can can throw a perfect game and lose. How about that for modern rule change logic?

And Bumgarner completes the “notable achievement”. Gets credit for the shutout, but not the perfecto.

And incidentally…the Braves managed to bang out exactly one hit, 1-out single in the 6th, in the first game in the twin bill. That’s 14 innings and one hit. And you thought the Astros had it bad…

Call it a Manfred.

It’s a sentient pile of shit?

Don’t call it a Manfred, he’s been here for years.

Time for an exception to the rule: if MLB mandates an official game to be only 7 innings, a 7 inning no hitter in those games should be an official no hitter.


Here’s the thing:

We all know he pitched a 7 inning no no.

Frankly, that will make it more memorable than either of the 2 no hitters already thrown this season.

I don’t need MLB’s official sanction to validate my knowledge.


Nice to see MadBum have a nice game for a change. Fuck MLB and their quirky bullshit rules.

He pitched a complete game and gave up no hits. That’s a no hitter.


You call it a Manfred. And Fuck Manfred.