What to try in Fredericksburg

Hello! I have a list for you!

  1. Nimitzs Museum
  2. Otto’s German Bistro
  3. Vaudeville Bistro (& the Supper Club)
  4. La Bergerie
  5. August E’s
  6. Marktplatz
  7. Enchanted Rock (mountain park)
  8. Der Lindenbaum restaurant
  9. Lost Draw winery
  10. Hilmy winery

There’s more, but Top Ten will do. What is yours?

The Altstadt Brewery


Going to be in Fredericksburg next weekend. Doing three wineries, Texas Wine Collective, Kuhlman Cellars, and Augusta Vin. Also, anniversary dinner at Cabernet Grill. That’s all that’s planned, just winging the rest, though we’ll likely stop at Garrison Brothers distillery on the drive up. Nimitz Museum is on the list, as are of course various restaurants, wine places and bars, as they come up.


As a local, a few favorites the auslanders may enjoy:

Pecan Grove
Alamo Springs Cafe
Hill Top Cafe


Strong second on Pecan Grove.

Not quite Fredericksburg, but William Chris Winery in Hye and Bending Branch down in Comfort are well worth a visit if you have the time.

Enjoy the weekend and happy anniversary!!


The wife and I have enjoyed Cabernet Grill. I love the Nimitz. I believe they have also expanded it since I was there a few years ago.

I second this entirely. Fabulous beer, food, and location.

I love Pecan Grove (cheeseburger!), Alamo Springs Cafe (cheeseburger!), Kuhlman Cellars (red wine), and the girls love Hill Top Cafe. William Chris Winery and Garrison Bros are in Hye, but I love them. Cabernet Grill is great (but not amazing).

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Using my keen deductive powers, I’m starting to suspect you might enjoy cheeseburgers.


I’d also be remiss if I didn’t mention getting plastered on margs at Hondo’s.

Out of curiosity…what is not amazing at Cabernet Grill? Everyone else firmly had it in their “amazing” category, and numerous publications list it as one of the top five restaurants in all of Texas. Wine Enthusiast lists it in the Top 100 in all of the country.

Alamo Springs - great burgers and pairs nicely with an evening trip to the Old Colony Bat Cave right nearby to see the nightly flying of the bats.
Hill Top Cafe - This is one of my favorite restaurants in the world. Owned by the great Johnny Nicholas of Asleep At The Wheel, it cooks up a phenomenal combination of cajun/southern/greek/texan food. And you might see Johnny on the keyboards if you’re lucky.

Eaker Barbecue has been discussed on this board previously, and is highly recommended. Tell Lance and Boo that Jeff from Westbury sent you.

I am partial to Becker Vineyards for wine tasting.

For just hanging out I like Lincoln Street Wine and Cigar Bar.

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So am I.

Re: Cabernet Grill - I have been there three times. I enjoyed my steak, medium rare. After my stroke, I’ii try again.

Re: Hondo’s - I like it; the experience and the atmosphere, but food is well done. 2.5 stars.

Re: Lincoln Street Wine and Cigar Bar, I love it. 51 times!

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Hondo’s is much better for drinks and listening to music than dining. What was the name of the place that used to be there? Plateau Restaurant? They cooked my favorite chicken fried steak ever.


You had me at “wine and cigar bar”

It’s your kind of place.

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