What Mookie's New Contract Means

Thirteen years, $392MM. I hope the Astros are willing to open their pocketbook some more. Correa and Springer wont come cheap. The Astros can no longer afford to act like a mid-market team if they want to continue to compete. They are reaching the point this next couple of years of having to spend money to sign their stars and continue to win, or fall into mediocrity, or scrap it and rebuild.

FWIW, this says the Astros’ payroll is 3rd-highest in MLB:

Any talk about extensions needs to keep the following facts in mind:

They start with 22.398 M space below the luxury tax (per Cotts Contracts)

Contracts rolling off this year:

Springer - 21 M
Brantley - 16 M
Reddick - 13 M
Gurriel - 8.3 M
Peacock - 3.9 M

That is 62.2 M to play with

The Astros have the following commitments for next year (113.992M):

Verlander 33.0 M
Grienke 32.875 M - 10.333 paid by AZ = 22.542
Altuve 29.20 M
Bregman 13 M (what a steal!)
Pressly 8.75 M
J Smith 4.0 M
Maldonado 3.5 M

Plus the following 8 players in arbitration
Correa - 8 M this year heading into final arb year
Osuna - 10 M this year heading into final arb year
McCullers - 4.1 M this year heading into final arb year
Diaz - 2.6 M this year heading into 2nd arb year
Devinski - 2 M this year heading into final arb year
Biagini - 1 M this year heading into final arb year
Garneau - 650K this year heading into first arb year
Pruitt - 584.9K this year heading into first arb year

Plus about 10-15 guys that are pre arb that will make between 567K and 650K

So they have some money to play with but they also have some holes to fill mainly in OF and bullpen. (And in the rotation in 2022 when Verlander and Grienke become FA.)

If a Springer deal doesn’t get done it won’t be due to $ it will be due to years.

It will be interesting to see what the new administration’s approach to long-term deals is. At the same time, we might not get a good picture of it this offseason after the weirdness that is 2020.

There numerous guys on that list you just let go, especially in the pen. You have no use for Diaz, Biagini or Pruitt.

Devo looks like a non tender as well. He hasn’t been effective since 2017.

Part of the point of all the rookies this year is to see who you can unload next year. Some guys are pointless, and you’re sort of stuck with Pressly and Smith. Maybe you keep Devo, maybe not.

Yeah, in a way, this whole bizarre pandemic season has happened at a good time for the Astros, allowing for extended auditions for a bunch of young guys in a season that doesn’t really matter. The downside, of course, is that the clock continues to tick on other guys that you wish you could stuff into a hibernation chamber until next year.

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No, I didn’t, they were in the arbitration category.

I don’t think he was saying that you missed them, I think he’s saying “you” as the GM will simply let them go when the season is over.

Exactly. Despite the good work Duman does around here, I don’t think he actually gets to make player personnel decisions with the club.

Sorry - misread that. I agree I should have said arbitration eligible. I agree some of the will be non tendered.