What are you eating?

Are you tired of salmon?

I was hoping we’d get a lutefisk report.

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All that salted cod in Portugal comes from Norway.

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To all you meat smokers out there… check out “over the top” chili. (Use your own recipe - this is about how the meat is handled) it’s a recent bbq trend that is actually great.

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I’m going to a nice new sushi restaurant tonight, since I forgot this was Super Bowl Sunday when I made the reservation last month.

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I’m quite certain the pizza I had in a Chinese border down was the worst pizza ever and forever.

Central American pizza could maybe take that on a run for it’s money

Is this for the “What Are You Not Eating” thread?

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My Korean rice cake soup turned out excellent in the Instant Pot. We added some plant based dumplings and typically you garnish it with sesame roasted seaweed and strips of fried egg. The rice cakes are sliced into coins as a nod to good fortune for the new year.


No! It’s divine here.

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No lutefisk but here’s a torrfisk report. First, for context, here’s the pic:

Which is right next to the reindeer, moose and MINKE WHALE sausages:

…all conveniently to be had at the street corner 7-11. Yep, you read that right. The 7-11.


I’m dutifully working my way through Robb Walsh’s Tex-Mex Cookbook, and decided yesterday to make the stewed chicken tacos and salsa verde. The salsa verde recipe called for 24 tomatillos. Kris was ordering groceries from Whole Foods, where tomatillos were $24 a pound. At the nearby Fiesta, tomatillos were $.99 a pound. They had no tomatillos at the 7/11, though they might have had reindeer sausage.

Twenty-four tomatillos were slightly more than 2 pounds.

This is to remind you to shop carefully when you buy tomatillos.





Your link will be paywalled for most, I believe. Here’s a free gift link to the same article if anybody wants to read it. https://www.houstonchronicle.com/food-culture/restaurants-bars/bbq/article/brisket-expensive-texas-bbq-18667025.php?utm_source=marketing&utm_medium=copy-url-link&utm_campaign=article-share&hash=aHR0cHM6Ly93d3cuaG91c3RvbmNocm9uaWNsZS5jb20vZm9vZC1jdWx0dXJlL3Jlc3RhdXJhbnRzLWJhcnMvYmJxL2FydGljbGUvYnJpc2tldC1leHBlbnNpdmUtdGV4YXMtYmJxLTE4NjY3MDI1LnBocA%3D%3D&time=MTcwODAyOTc4NzQ0Ng%3D%3D&rid=ZGQxMjViNjAtODM2Ni00MzY0LWE1ZTEtOTEwNzNkYTUxZGE2&sharecount=MQ%3D%3D

I tried to fix it.

Just thought it was an interesting article.

It’s the Mexican food skirt steak problem, repeated for brisket. I just hope dried beans don’t get popular.

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What would yall do with 4 nice bone-in, skin-on chicken thighs?

I’m at my mom’s tonight and “fried” is the usual fallback

Cacciatore if you have the time. Otherwise just season with whatever you like and bake on a bed of sliced onions.

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We use a lot of chicken thighs, and outside of the obvious have two fall back recipes. One is a French bistro recipe for chicken cooked in tarragon vinegar. The other is a mideastern recipe for chicken with olives and preserved lemon. they’re both pretty great.