What are you drinking, 2023?

Founders KBS Original. My, my. They have a sampler four pack but the original is just fine. Think whiskey shot with a beer chaser. 12% and very delicious (dangerous).

Blue Moon Belgian White (witbier). Before anyone judges me for drinking a rather pedestrian wheat beer, please know that it is the only beer I can drink anymore and I am super glad/grateful for it. Three years ago yesterday I had a cardiac event instigated by something called multi-vessel coronary vasospasm. It put me in the cardiac ER for 3 days and had all the hallmarks of a heart attack. Except that I have no coronary artery disease and my heart is strong as an ox because I’ve been a runner all my life. Basically, 3 of the 4 main coronary arteries clamped shut, starving my heart of oxygen.

The physiological science is not well understood but the populations that experience the greatest risk for this are people with a variety of autoimmune issues (me), heavy drinkers (not me) and heavy drug users (not me). My triggers are oral steroids (which sucks because of my autoimmune issues), all beer and liquor (except said wheat beer and an occasional gin and also wine is ok).

So, Blue Moon it is for me and I am happy for it.


Man that sucks. Not being able to take oral steroids sounds terrible. I usually have to do a heavy prednisone course once a year-ish for UC. I’d be in rough shape without it.

Giving up alcohol was nothing, but they can pry my pred from my cold dead hands.

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