Wednesday musing

Two or three weeks ago I read a blurb by some baseball pundit, but I do not remember which one. He speculated/half-predicted when Correa opts out after this year, as he almost certainly will, he will try to come back to the Astros.

So, assume those events happen as the pundit says they may. What do you think the Astros will say after a full season of Jeremy Peña?

Been there, done that…

“We look forward to seeing you back for the 20 year WS Championship Reunion.”


Honest answer, what’s the price?

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Forty twice?

One of them could move to center…

I know he’s already asked Minnesota for a long term deal, and I doubt that happens anyway tho who knows, but I think it’d be good juju to get Correa back, I really do.

I just don’t think he’ll get the years he wants from Houston.

I do not care if he ever plays in Houston again. If management brings him back, I will not throw myself on the RR tracks, but I will not waste one second hoping it happens.

The chances, I would guess, are Slim and None. Slim hasn’t left town but Pena, being the polite young man that he is, has gotten the suitcase down for him from the top shelf of the closet. It’s a young season but as of today Pena’s OPS is .771, CC’s .708. Pena’s WAR 1.5…CC’s .6. The numbers may well favor CC by end of season but Pena has shown he can play.