Watching Sunday's Game on TV

Probably you’re shit out of luck trying to do that.

Unless you’re one of the 6 people in the country that subscribes or somehow has access to the Peacock streaming service.


I’d be interested to tally up the total number of Astros games where this is the case (games only available on some other streaming service). I am guessing it is near 8 or 10 by now. I pay for a service and they are effectively charging me the same price as last year for a 10% reduction in service.


Basically, MLB sold some of their broadcast rights to Apple and Comcast (owner of Peacock). So unless you are an Xfinity cable subscriber or subscribe to Peacock independently, you can’t watch Sunday’s game.

I’m one of those with access because I have Xfinity cable.

I suspect they like the Astros for these spots bc they draw good numbers.

I but the bullet on AppleTV to catch games and since other content.

But Peacock doesn’t have that big of an appeal to me.

It doesn’t appear that Comcast offers a free trial of Peacock Premium, which is what you need to watch the MLB broadcasts. The free plan doesn’t give you access to the games. should have a replay of the game about 30-60 minutes after it ends.
.am I right?

My wife and I are taking a day trip to a little mountain lake town about 2 hrs away.

I should be able to avoid spoliers until I get home to watch it.


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Being the EPL dope that I am, I have a Peacock subscription but I’d be pissed if I didn’t.

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I’m with you: Apple TV has enough other content that I’m willing to pay. But screw NBC/Comcast.

Fwiw, they pull this shit with the Premier League, too. Want to watch Watford-Brentford? Be our guest, it’s free on USA. (Not to denigrate Brentford too much, I kind of like them.) Oh, you were interested in the Liverpool-City match? That’s on Peacock. And they don’t even have the decency to say that it’s on Peacock Premium. You don’t find that out until you get there. The only thing free on Peacock is reruns of “Welcome Back, Kotter” and shit like that. Fuck them.

That’s correct.

Likewise, but the service is just $5 a month. Folks who don’t have it can probably get a free weeklong trial too. It’s certainly annoying, but this one’s a pretty low bar.

And it’s back this weekend, so I reuped this morning

I’ve been boycotting the EPL ever since Richmond got relegated.

Speaking of which, when is their leader due back on the small screen?

It was a difficult day for us all

“Hopefully by the end of the year” is a quote that I saw

I use my brother’s log in credentials to watch Peacock. There’s not a lot of good content. I did enjoy the crazy as fuck MacGruber series and the Craig Robinson series, Killing It. That’s about the only things I remember liking about it.

I rarely ever use the feature. If I want to watch a Premier League soccer match, I will. But, that’s about it.

Resident Alien is on Peacock too, I think. If so, it’s great.

That’s the thing. The back room deal there is the fact that MLB is pimping their customers. We fit a desirable demographic and the main value generation that Apple and Peacock are deriving for their (likely considerable) payment to MLB is contact lists. MLB support will cheerily say that signing up on these platforms to watch the game is super low cost or free but, if something is free, you are the commodity that is being bought and sold.