Wade miley to reds

two years 15mill. my the teams they are a changing

Cabrera went to the Braves.

Miley pitched well for us up until that last month. I guess management lost faith in him. We certainly have some holes to fill in our roster.

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It does seem like they lost faith in him. I would think he was signable if they wanted to.

The Athletic has a story today, the upshot of which is that Miley was tipping his pitches at the tail end of the year. There was a very clear side-by-side screenshot showing the differences in his glove position depending on the pitch: about 10 inches away from his body for a fastball or cutter, about 6 inches away for offspeed.

He got a tip-off text from a player-buddy after the regular season just saying “check your glove,” and figured out what the Astros’ crack team of pitch-tipping-spotters had previously been unable to detect. He tried compensating for this in his brief ALDS relief appearance by lowering his glove position to his waist on every pitch, but says he didn’t get comfortable with the new glove position because he’s spent most of his career pitching with the glove high.

He doesn’t harbor any ill-will toward the Astros for leaving him off the ALCS/WS rosters because, in his own words, “Hell, I wouldn’t have put myself in there either.” Strom also gave the reporter some nice quotes about how good of a dude Miley is.

Miley strikes me as the type of player who could be a pitching coach some day.

Or maybe a Tug boat Captain.

Yeah, sure, Rosenthal. And also, fuck you.