VPN question

I just tried a free subscription to TunnelBear’s vpn and unfortunately I can’t log into my MLB account while using it. Has anybody found a workaround that enables one to use both vpn and paid MLB account? Happy to pay—was just hoping to see if TunnelBear, which is cheap and apparently designed for nonsophisticated users such as myself, would work first.

Mark is your answer man here if Limey does not beat him to it.

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I think, may be wrong, that you need to log in to MLB first before the VPN is active. Once logged in and VPN is turned on, should work. Its been years since I have used one so I could be wrong

I use Nord VPN and it is always activated on the laptop I use to watch games via MLB TV. Occasionally I’ve had to change the location of my VPN to avoid blackouts but lately I’ve just left it on SLC Utah and it doesn’t seem to be in any team’s broadcast territory. To answer your question, I have no issue logging into mlb.com while using Nord’s VPN.

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When I was using a VPN it felt like a cat-and-mouse game with MLB Extra Innings. Sometimes my VPN would work fine, other times I had to log out of the VPN, into MLB, activate VPN, etc. It got to be such a pain to use a service I was paying for (MLBEI) that I just gave up and stopped paying them.

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BTW, I was using the VPN called Private Internet Access. It worked most of the time.

That’s the one I use and I have the same experience.

In my experience with Nord, I have to log in to the VPN, give it a minute, then open a tab with mlb.tv on it.

Occasionally, if I’ve chosen poorly with the VPN location, I have to change locations, close the mlb page, then reopen a minute later.

Generally worst best with a private browser page as well.

I have dedicated an older laptop exclusively for the purpose of watching MLB TV. If I turn it off, I will have to go through the same steps as Mark - sign out of MLB, sign in to Nord, the sign back in to MLB. I found that if I just leave the computer on all the time and let it sleep, I don’t have to sign in for each game. I also keep the laptop on a shelf just below the telly with the HDMI cabIe always connected. I use Brave for my browser.