Void topic: My baseball pet peeve

Not that we don’t have plenty to talk about these days with the winter meetings going on (in a place that doesn’t have a winter), but this has been on my mind for a while and I needed a place to get it off my chest.

Here is my baseball pet peeve. Really a media pet peeve. Your watching your favorite highlight show and they go to the web gems/top plays/ etc… and they show a player on the left side of the infield make a great stop and throw out a lumbering catcher running 5 miles an hour by a step. That is not a great play!

They can tell us the catch probability on any ball hit into the outfield but they can’t figure out an algorithm that says based on where the ball is hit and the speed of this runner, this is an out 5% of the time.

Show me a great play with a typical player running, not Brian McCann and his arthritic knees.

What is your baseball pet peeve?

In game interviews with managers.


Games that are played in temperatures under 40.

Interminable between-pitch fiddling on either the pitcher or batter’s part. Marwin drove me nuts with this in particular.

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Postseason announcers.

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Any game in Oakland. Those drums drive me crazy. And then there is Joe Buck…

Fans booing pickoff throws.

Missing the cutoff man.

Not running hard to first base.

Fans (and announcers) in the stadium losing their shit on lazy fly balls to the outfield.

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fans who stand up and walk out in the middle of innings and return the sameway

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This is by far the worst thing except the ones with players in the outfield.

cough Todd Kalas

He reminds of the old SNL character, Mr No Depth Perception

This is a (typically) non-MLB level baseball pet peeve: batters who wave the bat through the strike zone in a feigned sacrifice bunt position to try to get a pitcher to throw a ball in a 2-0 or 3-0 count.

Agree with this. In game interviews are painful.

This kills me, too.

The wave


Kalas is a weird one because he gets all excited at a lot of deep fly balls but sometimes seems genuinely surprised by no-doubters.

Listening to/reading “unwritten rules” bs.

Too much fucking around between pitches. Greinke does not have to worry about sign stealing because he doesn’t fuck around between pitches.

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