Virtual Opening Day

Somebody technically competent should set up a zoom event to watch opening day.


Obviously not me. But it’s a capital idea.

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More than competent, if anyone has a top tier Zoom Account, that would be ideal.

My work has some kind of zoom account that allows big meetings. I’ve been dithering around about whether I should use it, or how I should use it, but I also figure that it would be one more meeting of twenty people or so and that they let me put it on my home computer without much direction. Will that work? I gather that what I need to do is go into my account and send invitations to whoever wants to join a meeting?

I would love to participate in this, should it happen.

So, is there a virtual group outing?

Also, is anyone thinking they need to eat Mexican food for lunch tomorrow?

I’ll set up a Zoom meeting to start around 7:45. It won’t show the feed for the game of course, so I’d guess if you’re on zoom and watching the game we may have some conflicting noises in the background. We’ll have to see how that works. PM me with an email and I’ll send the meeting invitation.

Will that work? Is there a better way? Probably ought to post this in TalkZone and the GameZone as well.


Mexican food is SOP for Friday nights anyway, so…yeah.

Speaking of Opening Day – has anyone seen an explanation for why a game in Houston, that’s not a national TV broadcast, is starting at 8 p.m. CT?

Games on the west coast are also starting at 8:10, an hour earlier than in the past. My guess is that given the quirky nature of the schedule, they’re trying to compromise on start times.

Yes. This was the compromise. Probably aimed at getting the most eyeballs tuned in for the more expensive advertising slots.

There are a lot of getaway day earlier starts in both timezones.

The Astros’ opening homestand has the following start times: 8, 3, 1, 6, 8, 6.



That’s the combination of my luggage!

Alice’s Tall Texan is shutting its doors permanently at the end of August. They are going to try to sell their beer inventory over the weekends two go. With every six pack you buy you can get a chalice or beer mug.

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Oof. That sucks.

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Wanted to make sure you saw this.

Aw man…that’s just sad. I want a chalice. From Alice. I will try to make it happen. Thanks for the heads up.

Is that the brew that is true or is that the flagon with the dragon?

I’d sooner settle for a schooner.