I think it’s very doubtful that Verlander returns this year. Even if his arm recovers in time, it still would be hard to stretch him out to be a starter. I
don’t think it’s in his make-up, but I wonder if he would even consider closing ala Smoltzy .

I would much rather let him have the time off and actually heal. This season is a joke and I don’t want any Astros jeopardizing their long-term health just to please Manfred.

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Verlander doesn’t need to be “stretched out”. He’s been pitching for years. He needs to be in shape, but starting isn’t new to him. It’s not something he has to grow into.

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If he is healthy, and that’s a big big if, he can get back to starter length pretty damn quickly

Not to mention, he doesn’t have to give us 7 innings every time out. Come playoff time give me 4-5 innings and I’ll be happy.