Verlander Zoom presser today

I sure hope I’m overreacting but I can only think of one reason an older, injured pitcher calls a press conference.

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Anyone catch this? What’d he say? Rehab is progressing well and he hopes to be back on the mound for the Astros by August?

Post above yours, das.

Likely won’t be back this year, but if we make the playoffs he might be available out of the pen. Would like to discuss coming back to the Astros because he feels bad about 1 lousy start on that extended contract but the team hasn’t reached out to him yet. Knows he’ll have to prove to MLB teams that he’s healthy before anyone signs him.


Music to my ears.


Excellent. Thanks for the recap!


If anyone can come back from Tommy John surgery late in his career and pitch at a high level it is JV.

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