Utter madness

Did not see a place to put this so:

If you want to read Nevada right-wing conspiracy craziness, go to nyegop.org and read “A Letter from the Chairman.”


Damn. Sorry guys. I posted the substance here twice because I thought the first one did not post. Use the link.

I hope that guy’s on a watch list.

Honestly, Neil, I cannot imagine a person who would believe all of that.

It’s scary how many there are. The number we saw Wednesday was probably just the tip.

I have a college roommate in Austin, an anesthesiologist. Known the guy all my life. He honestly blames what happened in Washington on the summer violence in Portland. It’s like blaming the Civil War on the Federal occupation of Fort Sumner, but irrational people tend to chase rationality, and when they can’t find it they make it up.

Is it possible these posts were also meant to be under the Beer and Queso heading?


And fuck that where they were supposed to be.

Moved to B&Q.

Also, that letter is some pure, undistilled crazy, and he’s also a fucking idiot. He doesn’t want to sign his name to the letter because his audience knows him, yet the dude’s name and phone number are easily found on the site.

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Monitor every post like you did mine. Fuck this.

It simply wasn’t about baseball. It is now where it belongs. Sorry if you find that reason to vent.

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