Some of us missed an incredible game last night:

USA tied it in 82nd minute
Fight breaks out
Game paused during stoppage time due to a homophobic chant
A fan ran onto the CBS set on live TV
VAR gave the USA a penalty shot in extra time
Mexico’s coach got a red card for touching the ref during the review
Pulisic gave the USA the lead on the ensuing penalty shot in extra time
A USA bench player was injured during the celebration by a flying bottle
VAR gave Mexico a penalty shot in stoppage time of extra time
USA’s back up keeper stopped it

Video of the PK save

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Mexico National Team absolutely has some of the worst fans you’ll see, or at least that I’ve ever been in a stadium with.

We don’t refer to it as soccer around here.

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This seasons hottest club is “CONCACAF”. It has everything - ejected coaches, backup keepers, and horrible fans handing out concussions


Sorry. Futbol.


…and the shortest shorts this side of Tribeca.

That match was absolutely bonkers. Peak CONCACAF. It was so much fun being at a bar again cheering on sports.

The save.


This reminds me, what was up with the Demolition Man kits El Tri was wearing?