Unexpected heroes of the first half

Julks, Dubon, Bielak, Blanco, France. Without their strong contribution, the Astros would be a long shot to make the playoffs. As it is, they are in a great position to make a run at a playoff spot.


I would add Diaz and Maton (after last year)

Julks deserves to be on the list but how many times did Chas or Diaz sit on the bench because Dusty wanted his below MLB average bat in the lineup.

There’s only one way for Julks to improve on his “below MLB average bat” and it ain’t on the bench.


I think you’re misguiding your issue with Julks playing. Chas should be playing instead of Meyers. Diaz should be splitting time with Maldy and DH the other days. Julks and Meyers have basically been the same guy at the plate this year btw. I’ll admit to really liking Julks, he should be a 4th outfielder but I have no problem with him in the lineup.

Absolutely Maton

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I sat here

On Tuesday when he pitched. It’s crazy how much more movement he gets compared to anybody else who pitched that day. Seeing it on tv does not give justice to how much his pitches move.