Twins at Astros, August 5, 2021

Astros Line up:
Astros lineup vs. Twins

Jose Altuve-2b
Chas McCormick-cf
Michael Brantley-dh
Yordan Alvarez-lf
Aledmys Diaz-3b
Kyle Tucker-rf
Martin Maldonado-1b
Robel Garcia-ss
Jason Castro-c

Framber Valdez-lhp

Machete at 1b.

Wtf, Dusty.

I mean, Framber’s on the lot DSO we shouldn’t expect many ground balls for him, right?

What could go wrong?

8 game west coast road trip - check
2 days off (1 between each of the 3 series) - check
Play tough teams get 4-4 split - check
Home against a lesser opponent (Astros kryptonite) - Dusty concocts this turdburger of a lineup

I wonder if we can get 1 of the next 4?


It’s important that the first baseman be able to catch right?

I guess the mental math is that Aledmys(3B) / Maldonado(1B) is going to be better than Robel(3B) / Aledmys(1B). I mean, that might be correct, but it sure looks bonkers when you make out the lineup card.

Hope Twins don’t play any pull-happy lefties tonight or I’m afraid a lot may get through the right side.

Why sit Correa and DH Brantley on the same night? I assume they both are for rest.

Maldonado at 1B was so weird that I overlooked Correa’s absence too.

Let’s all hope that we get strikeout-dominant Framber tonight, and not groundball Framber.

I’ll settle for strike thrower.

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I doubt that is his thinking. It’s just typical Dusty shit, thinking people need rest after a late flight but failing to coherently balance things.

I could not hate Dusty Baker any more than I do right now.

Fucking moron.



I just saw the lineup on Twitter, and Dusty has officially lost his mind. Just make Joe Espada manager already.


I understand a planned off day for Correa, but you don’t start your primary catcher at 1B unless he’s played the position recently. Also, why can’t the planned day off wait until Yuli returns in the next day or two?


Also, why Meyers rather than Siri if he’s just going to sit the bench? Wouldn’t he benefit from regular playing time in Sugarland or is Meyers that good/Siri that bad on defense?

Or you can just bitch.

Just asking a question Jim. If doing so rubs you that far the wrong way then please hit my ignore button so I don’t have to deal with your smug responses in the future.

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Not sure if this was shared.

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Or you could stop bitching. Win-win