Twins @ Astros, August 25, 2022

Mancini 3 run blast makes it 4-1 thru 1.

Hits the ball a mile
He crushes it in style, today
Oh, hit maker
you’re a ball raker
the way that you stroke it, it goes a long way
hits homers, off in to the sky
there’s such a lot of sky to see
we’re after the same winning end
just around the bend
so win this game our friend
Mancini and we.

That was a nice inning.

Altuve lines 2B off LF wall
Yuli swinging bunt down 3B line, Altuve to 3B
Yordan GIDP, Yuli caught in rundown after Yordan out at 1B, Altuve scores
Bregman and Vazquez try their best to hit Archer with line drive singles up the middle
Mancini bomb deep into the Crawford Boxes
Pena lines out to the 1B, playing halfway b/t 1st/2nd in the shift

That had to be a bit terrifying for Meyers.


What to do with the four runs your offense gave you? Triple/WP combo.

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Triple/wp makes it 4-2

I’m glad the pen is well-rested so they can clean up Luis’s mess.

They’ve got 3 rockets off him so far.

Living on borrowed time

Someone ask him if he’s mad yet.

Just the 1 run.

But Garcia has been uneven.

I may have unfair expectations of Garcia.

But he frustrates me.


He’s been the beneficiary of a couple generous third strike calls. Without those, he might be in real trouble.

He’s given up two runs, so I’d say he’s been even

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He is mediocre at best.

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Correction: 4 hard shots.

HR, triple, liner to RF, and the single.

What do you think it is coach, that holds him back from being better? When I look at him physically, I think he could be pretty intimidating force. Thoughts?

Altuve gets a drop shot to fall in RF.

Meyers is just not right.

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Yuli F9.

4-2 after 2