Twins @ Astros, 5/29/2023 - Memorial Day Matinee

Alvarez - DH
Meyers - CF
Dubon - LF

France on the mound vs Sonny Gray, who leads MLB in ERA

And we scored 10 runs yesterday, so congratulations in advance on his no-hitter.


A couple of pitchers for KC today are combining on something, having faced the minimum through 7.

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and Stroman for the FTC had one through 6.

There has never been a combined perfecto.

When Correa came to the plate, I honest to God thought “oh yeah he’s with the Twins”

Attaboy France

He has been missing a lot of games with plantar fasciitis and arch issues. I don’t know which leg the troubled foot is attached to.

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Nice pregame quote from him, kinda reminded me he’s playing for the other guys today

Tells you the kind of guy Dusty is.


And there goes the perfecto and no hitter in St Louis.

JP has really battled back from those 3-0 counts.

I’d like for him not to need to.

I tune the other screen to it and there’s a graphic at the bottom of the KC broadcast letting everyone know that they’ve got a perfect game through 7.

So naturally there’s a base hit on the 2nd pitch of the 8th.

Not even trying to dance around it. The BBGs don’t like that shit.

Well that was a quick, shitty run through the middle of the order.

Trying to imagine the symphony of profanity Earl Weaver would have unleashed at seeing a .213 leadoff hitter.

Gallo came into this game hitting .207.

Damn 2-out walks

3-0 Twins

Son of a bitch. Bust a guy right on the hands for a bloop single, and the next guy bounces one off the top of the wall and the foul pole.

After two quick outs…a walk, a bloop and a paint scraper

Middle of three…3-0 Twins.