Tucker attributes his recent success to not chasing bad pitches and to swingIng only at pitches he can handle.

Who knew?

He should have a chat with Altuve.


I have given up on him. Even when he hits .350, he does not lay off of bad pitches.

He’s not wrong, but his timing is on, so that he can meet the ball and use that uppercut swing to elevate. He was over anxious and early which was getting him on top of the ball.

That does not address sliders so low and away he could not reach them with an oar.

Oh, wait. You meant Tucker, MM.

I’ve always said that if Altuve only swung at pitches he could physically reach with the bat…not just good pitches, but only pitches within say three feet of the plate…he’d easily hit .400.

Of course, now he’s swinging and missing at even pitches right down the middle, so…

Yes, Tucker. Altuve is completely lost and I have no recommendations for that.

Trying to go up the middle and to LCF was an obvious way to cure Tucker. “Let it travel,” as one of my assistants said a million times.

That’s the approach Bagwell talks about too.

His numbers are off significantly from last year’s breakthrough season but does add this to his resume for the first time…

Previos Astros players with 20/20 seasons:

Jose Altuve (2016, 2017)
Jeff Bagwell (1996, 1997, 1999)
Kevin Bass (1986)
Carlos Beltrán (2004)
Craig Biggio (1995, 1997, 1998)
César Cedeño (1972, 1973, 1974)
Carl Everett (1999)
Dickie Thon (1983)
Jim Wynn (1965, 1969, 1970)

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Overall his numbers are down from last year but his Krate has stayed the same while increasing his walk rate.

And he still has a solid shot at 100 rbi

And he’s only 25.

Lets call this the “sophmore slump” after the beeakout due to pitchers adjusting, but his August was very good.

I am seeing a huge MVP calibur season next year.

2 26 year old LH hitting 35+hr and 1.000+OPS monsters in the middle of the lineup sounds amazing.