Transplanted Washington Senators/arlington mouth-breathers/texas stRangers @ Houston Astros July 23, 2021

Odorizzi with a nice 7 pitch, 1-2-3 inning/T1 to get the good guys going.

Jose with a fly out to CF.

Astros numbers at home against arlington are solid-
.300BA 6-0, 6.7 runs per game.

Brantley with a line out to 2B.

Yuli flies out to 2B.

Is there anything that isn’t a strike for this asshole?

T2- Gallo grounds out to Correa.
He’s 2-29 since All Star break.
Thoughts and prayers.

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So he’s twice as good as Correa?

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stRangers are in last place in MLB in 5 offensive categories.

What a shame.

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Dahl draws a full count walk.

Terry pops out to Carlos to end the T2.

Yordan Ks on some high cheese for 1st out in B2.

Correa goes down looking on a FB down the pipe for 2nd out.
Chased a horrible 0-1 pitch in that AB.

Tucker gets on after a lousy throw from Kainer-Falafel or however you spell his name.
I’m too lazy too lazy to look it up.

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Miles with a nice oppo single to advance Tucker 1st-3rd.

Castro goes down swinging for 3 K of inning.
Astros leave 2.
On to T3.

Ian Kinsler is still playing baseball? For Israel?

Brock Holt flies out to LF/Brantley on 2 pitches to start T3. I don’t trust guys named Brock.

Kiner-Falafel with a single to LF.

I believe so.

My apologies in advance for my play by play. Had issues with my MLb app on my TV loading (again) and trying to catch up.Plus, it’s my 1st time doing this.
Hoping the cold beer in my ‘86 Astros Silver Anniversary koozie helps our cause this game.

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