Top Prospect List

Jim Bowden of the Athletic just released his top 50 prospects. Whitley came in at #20: $$()

Whitley has an overpowering high-90s fastball with heavy sink and three above-average secondary pitches in his curveball, slider and changeup. He had a poor regular season last year due to mechanical issues, but those were corrected in time for the Arizona Fall League, where for the second straight year he dominated. He profiles as having the potential of a No. 1-type starter.

Fangraphs list their top 40 Astros prospects:

The top 5 are:
Freudis Nova
Bryan Abreu

So 3 of the top 5 have made their MLB debut. Numbers 8 to 12 are all at A ball or lower. No AA level names in the top 12, only 3 in top 30. (13 - Enoli Paredes - RHP, 14 - Tyler Ivey - RHP, 20 Luis Santana - 2B, 35 Brett Conine - RHP, 38 Bryan De La Cruz -RF)

Breakdown by level
MLB - 6
AAA - 6
AA - 5
A+ - 7
A - 7
A - (Short Season) - 5
R - 3

We need Whitley to be who we thought he was.

Whitley would change things dramatically.

Tucker needs to do good stuff as well.

That would change things dramatically if he could pitch up to his potential. I hope he earns his shot soon.

BA’s top 100 is out, and Whitley (#25) is the only Astro.

Whitley drops from 13 last year, and now sits behind 6 other RHP.

would be a nice boost…The Astros need one.

I am not holding my breath for Whitley. He regressed quite a bit last year.

Whitley comes in at #15 on the FanGraphs list; Urquidy at 101

Whitley comes in at 14 in Keith Law’s list at The Athletic. No other current Astros listed.

Former Farm Hand Corbin Martin (DBacks) comes in at 96.

Keith Law is out with his Astros top prospects: $$$

He goes 20 deep plus 5 more to watch. Here are the top 10.

  1. Whitley - RHP
  2. Urquidy - RHP
  3. Luis Garcia RPH (also his break out choice)
  4. Freudis Nova - SS
  5. Cristian Javier - RHP
  6. Jose Rivera - RHP
  7. Hunter Brown - RHP
  8. Bryan Abreu - RHP
  9. Toro - 3B
  10. Tyler Ivey - RHP

The big quote:

The Astros’ system has been gutted not just by trades, but by the inevitable results of trying to draft without scouts, which has filled the system with a lot of very low-ceiling college performers. The strength here now is the international class, including a slew of hard-throwing right-handers from Latin America.

Edited to make them Right Handed Pitchers (RHP), not registered pharmacist (RPH). Sorry, I have a bit of lexdysia