Top 10 Astros Pitchers - Who Has the Best Curve Ball?

Doing some research on Astros pitchers, and thought I would ask the OW Pros.

My List of Top 10 Astros Curveballs (biggest break 12-6 movement) - Certainly not definitive

  1. Roy Oswalt - (Career vid)
  2. Daryl Kile - (no-hitter last batter)
  3. Nolan Ryan - (career best curves)
  4. Justin Verlander - (pitch movement vs LAD)
  5. J.R. Richard - (Reggie Jackson ASG AB)
  6. Framber Valdez - (MLB Tonight Curve analysis) (no-hitter)
  7. Joe Niekro - (Career video)
  8. Mike Hampton - (Astros v Pirates)
  9. Lance McCullers - (24 straight curve balls NYY)
  10. Andy Petttite - (Career)
  11. Zack Grienke -
  12. Charlie Morton - more sidearm, but sheeeet

----> Shane Reynolds deserves to be included had him right on the border w/ Morton, Grienke, Pettite.

*** Not old enough to remember Dierks, Cuellar or Don Wilson; no videos I could find on either.

** Stayed away from relievers like Wagner, Sambito, Dave Smith, Dotel, Todd Jones, Lacorte, Danny Darwin, Kerfeld, Pressley (SP)

  • Honorable mention (Andujar, Forsch, M Scott, Clemens, Keuchel, Rhule, Knepper, Harnisch, Miller, Deshaies, Drabek, Randy Johnson, Elarton, Carlos Hernandez, Javier, Lyles, McHugh, Musgrove, Schilling, Don Sutton, Urquidy, Jose Lima).

Who is in your top 10 Astros curveballers list?


That’s quite the endeavor.

My top 10 probably wouldn’t differ much from yours, but when I read the subject Darryl Kile immediately sprang to mind.


DK had a nasty curve ball, huge break. Oswalt’s was tighter imo

Sheer number of amazing pitchers for the Astros, I bet there are some here who’s curve is burnt into their memories.

Cheers AFBD!

I think Carlos Hernandez’s curve was better than honorable mention. It’s just that his career was so short because of his injury that he didn’t get much notice.


Wandy Motherfucking Rodriguez.


Great pull.

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Man, you get mad props for this extra credit assignment of yours. Holy shit, that was a fun perusing of Houston Astros pitchers on The Youtube (I also was privy to some amazing ads about relieving constipation and building wealth with AI).

Seriously, well done, I felt a shit load of nostalgia seeing so many of these Astro greats and my favorite quip was Enos Cabell reminiscing about the great Joe Niekro- “He was one of my best friends, we played a long time together, he was a drinking buddy…”


Nice read. Thanks.

I always liked Eny Cabreja & Carlos Hernandez.


I second this wholeheartedly.

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Very Cool Post. Funny that I wrote down my top five before I opened so as not to let whatever was there sway my opinion. Kile immediately popped in a number one.

Mine went Kile, Ryan, Framber, Oswalt and Wade Miller of all pitchers.

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Not even a mention of Wandy?


Hell of a great topic.

My top three would be (in order):


If I was old enough to remember seeing him pitch live, Richard would probably also be on the medal stand.


Mike Cuellar had a nasty curveball. As did Dons - Wilson and Sutton.

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I don’t know about which pitcher had(s) the best curve, but the single instance of the most unhittable curve was McCullers in game 7 of the 2017 ALCS.


Any stories or videos of Cuellar, Dierker or Wilson would be awesome to see.

I bet they are all on VHS :slight_smile:

The Curve Ball

I don’t recall Wilson having a great CB. I could be mis-remembering but I don’t recall that. Nasty slider, yes.

I’m sure someone could argue differently, but it would be tough to do.

Richard was a slider not a curve.


My Lifetime:


Kile, Ryan, Oswalt, Morton, JV, (27 McCullers?)


Framber, Hernandez, Wandy, Hampton, (Knepper had to be good, because he threw slop and got people out)