Tigers @ Space City, April 3, 2023

Hunter Brown making his first start this season.

One pitch, one blown call


Maton strikes out swinging
Greene strikes out swinging
Báez grounds out 4-3

Strong start. No score

Um. … did they say he swing at that?

Because it clearly hit his hand.


Peña draws a leadoff walk
Bregman lines out to RF
Alvarez…3-2…up and in, hits the knob…takes strike three…breaking ball right down the middle
Abreu…3-0…walks, Peña to 2B
Tucker strikes out swinging

No score

Hit the knob of the bat.

Well, sheeee-it.

2 out trouble.


Carpenter pops out to SS
Torkelson singles to RF
Meadows strikes out swinging
Vierling singles to RF, Torkelson to 2B
McKinstry with an infield single to SS to load the bases
Haase singles to RF, Torkelson scores, Vierling scores, McKinstry to 3B
Maton grounds out 4-3

2-0 Tigers

Nice play

Brown has to start working the inside part of the plate against right handed hitters. He’s doing a good job of painting the outside corner, but they are sitting on that part of the plate.

Good swing by Hensley.


McCormick grounds out 6-3
Hensley singles to RCF
DubĂłn chops back to the mound, Hensley to 2B
Maldonado grounds out 4-3 right behind 2B…but don’t call it a shift

2-0 Tigers.


Greene flies out F8
Báez grounds out 4-3
Carpenter pops to shallow LF

2-0 Tigers

Autism Awareness Night would be a really nice time for Bregman to heat up.

I’d settle for a hit from Alex at this point.


Peña taps back to the mound
Bregman flies out F8
Alvarez grounds to 1B, Torkelson kicks it…E3
Abreu flies out F9

2-0 Tigers

His bat may be hollow right now but his defense is solid.


Torkelson flies out F8
Meadows pops out F5 in foul territory
Vierling with a high chopper off the plate, Bregman makes a nice play, ruled out at 1B…Tigers challenging…looks like he beat it out…overturned…infield single
McKinstry at the plate, Vierling caught stealing 2-6

Still 2-0 Tigers