Tigers at Astros, Father's Day 2024

Let’s win this series for the dads.

2b Altuve
3b Bregman
DH Alvarez
C Diaz
1b Singleton
SS Pena
LF Dubon
RF Cabbage
CF McCormick

P Blanco

Ronel needs to tighten things up out there, I didn’t much care for that one ball he threw.


You know what that makes you?! Larry!


Altuve singles up the middle with two strikes
Bregman flies out
Altuve moves up on a WP that didn’t get far
Alvarez singles to RF, Altuve scores
Diaz flies to CF
Singleton drills the 3-2 pitch off Maeda, out 1-3. Maeda limping slightly as he comes off the field.

End 1, 1-0 Astros

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Top 2:

Canha flies out on 0-2
Keith grounds out on 0-1
Urshela grounds to short on 3-2.

Really fell apart with that last batter.

Mid 2, 1-0 Astros

Jose, Jose Jose Jose!

Great memories. That one was just a few feet to the left of the magnificent game 5 blast.

Bottom 2:

If you’re wondering why Pena dropped to 6th, he’s hit .191/.224/.238 at cleanup
Pena grounds to third on 3-2
Dubon bloops a 1-2 pitch to LF for a single
Cabbage flies to CF on 1-0
Chas walks on 3-0, Dubon to 2b
Altuve honors just over the yellow line in home run alley! Just like 2017 G5 off Maeda!!
Bregman strikes out swinging on 1-2, but the Astros take a 4-0 lead

I’m out on PBP

Ya think ole Kenta had a flashback to 2017?

Good grief, Blanco. Throw a fucking strike.

His reaction on the mound said “yes”

Blanco needed a quick inning there and he got it

Not a quick inning here.

Nope, it sure wasn’t

Not the pitch count, but the way he’s starting to miss make me think he should be on a very short leash.

I’m sure he is.

Shorter than you thought. Blanco out. Pressly in.

And there goes the no hitter. Meatball right down the middle.

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The least Espada could have done is gone to Abreu.


Middle of eight…4-0 Astros.