Tigers @ Astros, May 8, 2022 Mother’s Day Special



Diaz slam es mas grande!

4-0 Astros

He can tell everyone that it bounced off the signs up there.

I’ll have the Crawford Box Special and a medium ice tea please.

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They all look the same in the book.

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The final won’t be 3-2.

Take that to the bank.

I was pretty confident that Diaz was going to get a hit but I was envisioning maybe a single.

Goodrum down on strikes to end the inning, but the Diaz slam gives the Astros a 4-0 lead after three

Always in motion the future is.

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On a side note…I’m drinking hand crafted mai tais made with Appleton 12 year, Zara 20 year, Pierre Farrand dry curaçao, fresh lime juice and a good quality orgeat. Fresh mint, fresh pineapple, and Bada Bing cherry. Ice from Sonic.



Back to back 1-out walks put two Tiggers on

Wild pitch moves runners to 2B and 3B. Castro didn’t play that very well,

Popup makes two outs…

Schoop lines out to end the inning. Great job by Odo.

Middle of four…4-0 Astros

Castro has changed his bright pink gear for the normal navy. Not sure if that was planned or if Odorizzi said “that shit is burning my eyes.”

I’m drinking Turkish tea made from loose leaf tea I got at some international market and water from the tap.

Through four…4-0 Astros

That’s a shame

Jessica Stanek is an 8th grader?

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