Tigers @ Astros, May 6, 2022

Garcia on the mound

That was nasty.

WTF Altuve.


I agree with Blum.

He tried too late to stop the throw.

Fugly result.

Baez with a single past a shifted Gurriel…for some reason Altuve decides to throw the ball into the dugout. Baez to 2B on the TE4

Would be double play ball now ends up 3U and Baez to 3B

Nice Luis.

Candelario taps back to the mound to end the inning. No score

Altuve leads off with a single to LF

Give em a base, take a base.

Brantley flies out F8, but nobody covers 2B and Altuve tags and advances.

Cutoff man wasn’t exactly in good position there.

I guess they didn’t think Altuve would tag. Nobody bothered to cover 2B

Wearing out that alley.

Bregman flies out at the wall in deep LCF…Altuve to 3B

Alvarez…fouling off pitches…flies out F7

No score

Single and walk put two Tigers on, no outs

3U gets the first out, runners at 2B and 3B, one out

Barnhart grounds out 3U, Castro scores, Schoop to 3B

Walks to hitters batting a buck thirty eight deserve to be punished.

Baddoo taps back to the box…1-0 Tigers.