This site

I have not been able to connect here for two days. All my other internet sites work. Is Manfred fucking with me?

If not him then probably trump.

Fuck ‘em both.

I can’t say I have missed Limey’s Daily Death Report, but I have wondered how y’all are.

An 18-wheeler hit an AT&T pole outside my neighborhood. I’ve been slumming it in the dark ages since lunch time yesterday. Oh, and the site was down too.

Accurate description! But i missed everyone.

But now we’re back up and running if anyone wants to do PBP for the KBO on ESPN.

I’m actually curious how KBO looks on ESPN and how they’re handling the games. I can’t see the actual ESPN broadcasts here to see how they look.

I watched a bit this morning. It looked like AAA/AA baseball to me. There are a couple of very unique batting approaches. One guy chokes up at least 4 inches and then swings his front foot out as his timing mechanism.

Cheerleaders on the dugout tops with no fans was an interesting sight.

The ESPN guys weren’t doing play by play as much as just chatting about baseball and occasionally commenting on the action with very few attempts at names.

It was interesting to see the home plate ump with a mask on under his mask.

Yeah generally speaking its about at the AAA/AA level. A few years back there was an offensive surge due to the ball changing so games could get pretty crazy and swing wildly from side to side. I was surprised to see the cheerleaders when I turned it on TV on Tuesday. I assumed they wouldn’t be out there but really its a shame that American audiences won’t get to see the real atmosphere of a Korean baseball game. The first time I saw it I had chills.