This is the Beer fora…so…

In terms of breweries walking distance from Minute Maid, does Frost Town have what it takes to hang with 8th Wonder?

I don’t know but I appreciate a fellow who bursts onto the scene and immediately proceeds to seek answers to urgently important questions.


It’s on my list to visit. Looks great.

Next he’ll want to know what to feed turtles.

I actually have an answer to this; koi food. If they’re smart enough to find it, they’ll eat it.

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They can find it on Amazon.

I’ve never seen a turtle that can type worth a damn, certainly not on a smart phone.


Eighth wonder does pretty good beer, and has a pretty good layout. I’ve never heard of frost town. I’ll have to try it. Thanks.

I have nothing to add but I like the cut of your jib, rook.


I had a fraternity brother at Arizona named Steve Rogers who liked breweries as well…

When he was drinking, would he say “I could do this all day”?

I went back and forth on Steve Rogers references, because I’m sure anyone who shares that name has heard them all multiple times, but this one is entirely appropriate for a beer thread.

The “pre-prohibition pilsner” should at least have some laudenum in it.

Haven’t been to Frost Town but I am a big fan of True Anomaly.

Just be glad I didn’t go with “I wonder how many confused people walk into Pitch 25 wondering when Jose Cruz ever took the mound!” :wink:


Walk right down North Jackson Street, just before it merges with Interstate 69.

I don’t think I’ve ever been to a sports bar with worse TVs than Pitch25.

Never been there to watch a game but I like pre/post-gaming there. Plenty of room and tons of beer on tap.

It’s really good for that but when it comes to watching game over there, Little Woodrows with that massive super high quality tv outside is the best. I liked Kings Court for soccer, but they are closed now, but rumor is will be reopening under new ownership shortly.

I remember going to a place called Bar Munich that was supposed to be a great soccer-watching venue.