Thinking Ahead

First, I apologize in advance for offending Jim and others with this post. I know this website hates this type of speculation. Frankly, this has been on my mind and I just wanted to put it out there so I can stop counting Bregman’s to go to sleep.

I’ve read a lot about how the Astros window to compete is closing. To me, that is massively premature. I’m not certain how many other teams could have sustained the loss of an Ace (Verlander), the closer (Osuna), multiple key set up men in Harris, Peacock, McHugh and Smith, and then various injuries to Alvarez, Brantley, Altuve, Springer, Bregman - all missing plenty of time. Plus the loss of AJ who knew how to work this dugout, and the loss of Luhnow who knew how to work the trade deadline.

I like a team that will enter next season with a starting pitching staff of Greinke, McCullers, Urquidy, Valdez and Javier. On paper that isn’t Verlander, Morton, Keuchel, McCullers and Cole (ok, its not that in real life either) - but those five all have proven MLB worth.

Fortunately we will have another offseason of distance from the pressure of the hitting scandal. There was no doubt it was going to impact our guys. But in the end, we have 5 guys penciled into a lineup that should hit well above major league average in Altuve, Alvarez, Bregman, Correa and Tucker. Martin has been far better this season. Neither Brantley nor Yuli should break the bank in this offseason in which free agent dollars are expected to be limited.

I know it hasn’t worked for the Rockets, but run it back seems plausible to me. Sign George 4/120 and put a club option 5 on the deal to make it sparkly big. I would thing 2 year deals for Brantley @ $24million and Yuli @$16 million and a the band is back together.

My favorite part of the pipe dream is a restructure/extension with Justin, $5 million next season for rehab, 2 more years at $15 - $17 million and maybe we can make it work. I think we are around $132. Springer, Brantley, Yuli would add $40M - while in Y1 the Verlander savings would put the total around $12 and $144, leaving some cash on hand to address bullpen and potentially another starter.

Regardless of our ability to retain our starting outfield - we did get positive affirmation this season on Tucker, Valdez, Javier, Urquidy, Paredes, Taylor and to a lesser extent Scrubb and Railey. Duplicating the 2017 pitching staff is a stretch - but certainly a competitive club.

That’s all.

I don’t pay that much attention to the contracts side of things, but can you name a big name pitcher that did this? Verlander has been through a big rehab process before, so somehow I think he has a few more years in him. Would love to have him stay an Astro.

Not offending me. I’d love to sign them all. Oh, yeah. One more thing.

Fuck Manfred.


Springer has been the straw that stirs this orange drink for years.

I would absolutely love to have him back.

But the money trucks will come a callin’ in the offseason.

Fuck Manfred.

Would be nice to have Springer back. That seems like one of the clear moves. Otherwise, I figure Click has a formidable task in front of him, although a healthy Alvarez would take a lot of pressure off.

On a positive note, the influx of International talent to this pitching staff is a tremendous feat of scouting/development. Those responsible should be given huge raises. Hopefully, they have even more surprise arms in store for us.

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Zero chance that Verlander even considers a restructure and I’m not sure if it would even be allowed with baseball contracts. He will rehab om his 30+ million dollar deal and then become a FA and try to get a 1 year 10 or million dollar deal the following year at age 40.

I year with him after rehab works for me.

This record was highlighted in a MLB article

" …The Astros’ quintet of Springer, Jose Altuve, Alex Bregman, Yuli Gurriel and Carlos Correa played their 54th postseason game together, a Major League record. They broke the previous record for a quintet, passing the 53 playoff games together by two groups of Yankees, according to research by James Smyth of the YES Network."

It’s been a privilege to watch the quintet grow and win together - I didn’t realize how rare that privilege has been.

Hope Springer will do his part to continue that streak.

Uh, Crane needs to do his part to continue Springer’s streak.

He has to pay the man the money. I don’t know how it is going to work with the years, but he has to be willing to being the blank check.


Yuli is already signed for 2021 at $6.5 million, and he turns 37 next June. However, I agree with most of your premise.

Between this offseason and next, the Astros have the ability to shed $165 million from their payroll and only have $42 million in current salary obligations if they decline Gurriel’s $8 million club option in 2022 (If they trigger it, they still only have $49 million of current salary obligations in the 2022 season). Point being, as long as Crane is willing to deal with a high payroll in 2021, there is plenty of long-term flexibility to retain Springer, Correa and Brantley. Also, the only arbitration-eligible players in 2022 are Valdez (year 1), Diaz (year 3) and James (year 1). Diaz and James could easily be trade/non-tender candidates, as well.


4 more years!
4 more years!

The corpse of 2020 is not only still warm, it’s not even a corpse yet. Focus, people.


It is STILL possible that the streak could extend to 61 … in 2020.

So you’re saying that they’re quarking up the wrong tree?

Haven’t heard anyone accuse the Astros of quarking their bats.

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Is that what the teenagers call it now?


The Observer Effect in quantum physics is real. Watch the games. Pull for the team. It matters. We’ll have plenty of time for the hot stove in The Void.


This times a million. Not nearly enough watching and rooting going on.