The Void: 2023-24

SI Article about Astros looking for pitching:

(Warning, Heyman information inside) came up with potentially the dumbest trade proposal of all time:

Yankees get: 3B Alex Bregman, OF Jake Meyers and LHP Jared Shuster
Astros get : INF Jordan Westburg
Orioles get: RHP Dylan Cease
White Sox get: OF Jasson Domínguez (Yankees’ No. 2 prospect), C/1B Samuel Basallo (Orioles’ No. 5 prospect) and RHP Spencer Arrighetti(Astros’ No. 3 prospect)

Why in the blue hell would the Astros give up Bregman, Meyers, AND Arrighetti for one prospect?

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Because the Yankees make out like bandits?

Yes that’s laughable.

I’m not entirely sure why they suggest the Astros get anything in return. They should just give the Yankees Bregman, Meyers, and Arrighetti. Maybe throw in Alvarez if the Yankees ask “pretty please.”


Wanna hear something crazy? It comes out in the Astros’ favor when you plug these players into that popular baseball trade values site. And I think that tells you how useful the BTV site really is.

Basically, it assumes Bregman isn’t very valuable because he makes a lot of money. Okay, but money can be exchanged for goods and services, like the services of a ballplayer who can help the Astros win the World Series in 2024.

Conversely, it assumes Westburg is extremely valuable because he won’t make a lot of money for a while. Fine. But, reading up on him, Westburg also isn’t all that good. He’s a decent prospect with no carrying tool who’s a better fit at 2B than SS. Lot of good that’ll do the Astros who are set at 2B and would still need to find another 3B to replace Bregman.

And even if he were better, there’s no adjustment for the marginal win curve. Back in 2013, for the Astros, a 2017 win was more valuable than a 2013 win. The Astros had a reasonable expectation that they’d have a chance to win the World Series in the future; it was obvious they had no chance in ‘13. But nowadays, a 2024 win is more valuable than a 2029 win. We know they’ve got a decent chance in ‘24. We don’t know shit about ‘29. BTV doesn’t adjust for that either (nor should it, necessarily, but people should before they go publishing their trade ideas on TV).

Now, trading Bregman for a comparable prospect who can play 3B and clear some salary to allocate toward the ‘24 roster—sure, you can at least argue the case for that. But this ain’t it.

Woo hoo!


Shut up, brain, so I can go back to killing you with beer.

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The Cards singed Sonny Gray for three years at $75MM.

Just singed? Not torched??

And a scorching response.

I was wondering what tune?

Rosenthal mentions in his latest column that teams are checking on Bregman due to the lack of FA hitters but that the Astros are expected to hold him until they lose him, just like with Springer and Correa.

Probably the Saint Louis Blues.


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According to Chandler Rome, Omar Lopez is going to be the bench coach. He has a ton of managerial experience in the minors so this makes quite a bit of sense.


In other breaking news, water is wet.

DAVE CLARK returns as 1B coach, per McTaggart.


He is sure to continue to Clark things up.

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How can something so Clark not be Clark?


I guess they will employ a similar strategy with Yordan when his time comes.(re: Bregman).

Cannot even say those two names in the same sentence