The Split Zygotes @ Astros- 08-24-22

Altuve with a lead off homer.

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After an inning and a half the Astros lead 1-0

Top of the 3rd, runners on 2nd and 3rd, no outs.
Sac fly by Correa ties the game.

Leadoff walk to Sandy fucking Leon after having him down 0-2.

Hell of a throw by Mancini

Man…Mancini has a noodle

Maldy timing the rolling throw into 2nd was spectacular.

I couldn’t tell if he was slowing down or running out of gas.

Not the best risk reward assessment, Jose.

I assume he assumed there’s be a play at the plate, but Maldonado broke it down.

That’s probably it

Took a quick throw and a very nice play by Correa to get him

Technically not possible.

Yuli has his back

You’re taught to not let that throw go to the plate to ensure a run scores. But you’ve also got to be watching what the runner ahead of you does when he’s as slow as Maldonado

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If he was doing it to draw a throw away from home, fine.

Otherwise if he’s on 1st the twins likely play dp depth which would give Yuli another avenue to get the (slow) run in.

Yuli took care of bidness though.

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Normally that’s your thinking. But you also have to have situational awareness, which ain’t exactly an Altuve specialty. So hell, who knows. Maldy scored though.

Too soon, TK.

Way to make him work.

Chas made that play look easier than it was. Great read.

Correa with a hell of a catch.