The sci-fi TV thread

I’ll watch the entire season again before I start S2, when it comes out.

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Given the writers strike, that’s probably not this year

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Production on Severance S2 was having problems even before the writers strike.

It may be a long time before S2 sees the light of day.

I guess they need some sort of way to separate their personal lives so they can focus on their work?


2nd trailer has dropped.

The fact that the SNW/Lower Decks crossover episode isn’t already on Paramount+ is causing me significant distress.

Boimler and Mariner are in the trailer. :raised_hands:

I know, and they look absolutely perfect.

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Do you think the characters were drawn with a resemblance to the voice actors deliberately with a live action crossover in mind?

I think in general they made most of the characters look like their real-life counterparts, with some obvious exceptions for alien species. I know that the artists were encouraged to draw themselves into the show as background characters. Whether they had a live-action crossover in mind, I have no idea.

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