The sci-fi TV thread

He had me hooked from his first scene - having the balls to not kowtow to the Picard/Riker star power - but the way they’ve grown him since then has not disappointed.

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Well, Episode 3 was… unexpected but awesome.

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That was a proper, quality episode.


Has the woman shown up before? I feel like I should place her, and think that she was some kind of imperial cop from earlier episodes, but it’s been a month or two since I watched what came before.

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Apparently she was shown on Gideon’s ship in the last season. I didn’t remember her either, but I’m not sure we were supposed to necessarily.

Mild Overarching Plot Spoilers

Kudos to the writers who seem to be on a mission to retcon the sequel trilogy into something cohesive. No easy task. They’re showing the New Republic to be weak and self-serving and, as such, corruptible and manipulable so as to be easily overtaken by a movement like the First Order.

Also, they’re referencing cloning techniques that could explain the origins of Snoak and the resurrection of Palpatine, as well as DNA splicing techniques that could explain how Snoak was a Force user and also how Palpatine had offspring; i.e. one of Rey’s parents was a gene splice of Palpatine and a “donor”.

Now they just have to explain how everyone forgot about the Jedi in the space of about 25 years. Cue the Star Wars / Marvel crossover!


The Mandalorian ups the ante and then Picard tells Din to hold his beer.


So Jack is Vecna or Jason Bourn. Or both.

It’s funny. …


After watching and thoroughly enjoying E3 I thought 'oh crap, that Palpatine thing is in play.

Probably started with me wondering who could have such a large squadron of TIEs. ‘Reminds me of that big fleet of Star Des— oh crap.’

But I’m here for it.


It’s not like any character has directly asked his whereabouts.


There’s a Playlist on Disney+ that condenses The Clone Wars to “essential” episodes.

It’s pretty good and tries to salvage some sense of logic from the prequels and provides a segue into The Bad Batch.

It stops at S7E4 which is a shame because the final episodes focus on Ahsoka and she’s a compelling character. So finish it out with those.

Speaking of, the short series Tales of the Jedi is another animated product. The style and tone is very different. It tells selected stories about Ahsoka and Dooku. It is very well done and highly recommended.

(I hope that the pattern of producing a movie trilogy with giant gaps in the story then explaining it away with shows that come out years later stops now. Also Dave Palomi is all over the credits in these shows. He seems to be doing a fantastic job. )

The final four episodes make a better movie than any of the sequels


“There’s a Playlist on Disney+ that condenses The Clone Wars to “essential” episodes”

Well this sounds very interesting

One episode left of Picard season 2. It’s not good and I’ve spent most of this season perplexed at basically everything in the story but it wasn’t THAT brutal if you just blocked anything having to do with Agnes from your mind.

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I couldn’t handle all the pivotal moments that hinged on sudden psychiatric gamesmanship.

I pushed my way through mostly out of a sense of duty. Happy S3 is much better.

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Last of Us: “Episode 3 is the saddest fucking thing you will ever see on TV”



We’re going to put tears in Grogu’s eyes and make the entire internet’s hearts break simultaneously

Also… are we sure the Children of the Watch are good at their job? Their target practice looked like stormtroopers, and they’re getting owned right and left by local animals.


That training scene was absolute chaos. Also, shooting wildly at water is not the best way to hone one’s aim.


Picard S3 gets better and better.

Throwing haymakers left and right.


Why does Starfleet have Kirk’s and Picard’s dead bodies in storage at Daystrom? That’s fucking crazy.

Also, I’ve got some serious paranoia about Vadic’s monologue at the beginning about finding everyone that Picard might reach out to for help. Is Geordi a changeling? Is Troi a changeling? Will they send a changeling back in Riker’s place? So many ways this story could go.

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