The OWA Archives

Apropos of nothing… a couple weeks ago I finally got around to fixing the front page so that all of the old editorial content can be viewed again. Some things are unavailable now (like Kevin’s newer Separated at Birth posts that relied on images posted at, which is now offline) but almost everything should still be good.

I’ll soon be posting this as an archive that can be viewed without needing the backend software/database.

On the old forums I’ve also revealed all of the GameZones dating back to 2006, in case anyone has a specific fond memory they want to relive. Working on turning this into an archive as well, since that software hasn’t been updated in years and God knows what security holes it has now.


Security holes? That’s it, I’m switching to Parler

You mean you’re not going to hand out our drivers licenses and SSNs to anybody who can run curl?

Don’t worry…I’ve got all of them saved in an Excel file in the cloud. So you’re as safe as can be.

Thanks Waldo. Very cool.

Bravo, Waldo!

You so good work Waldo.