The New CBA

Well ain’t quite new yet since no agreement actually exists at this point but some of the proposed (emphasis on proposed) details are starting to leak out…

  • Existing CBA expires Dec. 1

  • Discussions first began last April with the union making their proposal in May, the details of which are mostly unknown but did include a shorter period for players to reach arbitration than the current 3 years

  • Labor and management met this past Monday in their first face to face negotiating meeting

  • Management made its counter-proposal to the union in that meeting

  • For the first time management is proposing a salary minimum for each team. That minimum would be $100MM.

  • The luxury tax would remain and even stiffened with the addition of a new lower tier at $180MM

So owners proposed a salary floor but a lower salary cap (tax threshold).

Yeah, I’m sure that’s just what the super agents/players are after.

Depending on what the tax on $180M+ actually means, this sounds like a nonstarter.

Most responses I saw were along the lines of “get ready for a work stoppage.”

How about tonight for that?


I would like to see them add a couple of Off-season IL spots for players with major Injuries like Verlander had last year.

It’s tough keeping an injured guy on the 40 when there are no injury spots.

They could set up the rules, so it’s not abused: once put on the list, player can’t be activated until after all star break, or August, or whatever else works for them.

Doesn’t the 60 day IL do that? I don’t think players on the 60 day are counted towards the 40 man.

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Teams are limited to 40 players. No IL in the off season

Those on 60 day must be added back on to it.

That’s what I am saying they should add in the CBA

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IOW, busted-ass Justin Verlander had to be on the 40-man roster when Click had to make Rule 5 rostering decisions last offseason, even though he was never going to play another game for us under his contract.

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I think you’d also have to limit the number of offseasons a player can spend on the offseason IL, say, one out of every three for the same team.

I can’t imagine this would be an unpopular idea with the owners or the players.

Did you just blink Rob?

I think he just signaled that a lockout was certain. The owners want to force the players to the table now. They don’t want a strike in April.

An update on the latest proposals, which unfortunately indicate that the potential common ground between the parties involves things that will piss everyone else off (larger postseason, advertising patches, etc.).

14 teams in the postseason is ridiculous. I guess they want to give more folks a shot at some of those $18 beers.

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Summary of MLBPA’s apparent proposal:

FA at 29.5 years of age or 5 years service time
Arb eligible after 2 sessions
12 team postseason, 2 divisions in each league
Luxury tax $240M
NASCAR uniforms

(DH for NL?)

The main item that I care about is the divisional structure and the postseason.

Each league would have an 8 team division and a 7 team one. I doubt there is any restructure that would get the Astros out of the Pacific Time Zone teams division.

I admittedly enjoyed the 2020 postseason (play in best of 3 wc, divisional round then LCS/WS iirc).

And since there’s $ attached to postseason play I’m sure it’s coming.

But goodness the regular season means less and less.

Well, officially locked out. As of now there is no baseball. Take a gander at MLB team sites, no references to the players at all.

This is going to get nasty. Get ready for a long bumpy ride.

Yeah, I think it is too. I hope I’m wrong and pleasantly surprised, but I’ve thought for months now that we will have a shortened season next year. The players, with their new negotiator, are more determined than ever to “win” this time around after appearing to have lost the last two negotiations. The changes the players want regarding salary and free agency in their offer, are a non-starter if I was an owner. You want a tax threshold of $240M and free agency at 5 years? Then give up the guaranteed contracts and we can discuss it. We KNOW that ain’t gonna happen. So you want to tell me that Alvarez and Tucker are free agents at 5 years? The only way I’m agreeing to that stipulation with guaranteed contract is if there is a hard salary cap that can’t be crossed. No luxury tax threshold or penalty for going over. Hard cap period, and it ain’t gonna be $240M. Hard cap at $220M and floor at $100M. I’d be willing to double the major league minimum salary and if you want free agency at 5 years, then in the arbitration process prior to that, owners get to ask for salary reductions if you underperformed your arbitration raise from the prior year.

I hate CBA negotiations.

It’s gonna be ugly.

It seems that you hate the fact that the players get to have a say in their own future. Why have contracts at all? Just pay them by the hour. It’s a right to work state!

Actually I don’t, but both sides get to have a say. That’s why it’s called a negotiation. You want this? You’ll probably have to give me that. I couldn’t care less who “wins” the CBA, just get it done. All I’m saying, and I hope I’m wrong, is that I’ll bet we are looking at months of this. I don’t see the owners agreeing to that proposal without some give backs. Which is why the players should ask for the moon so they have room to bargain. But I have a feeling both sides are dug in.