The lineup 9/7 going foward

Finally in September we have the team we thought we would have when ST started. Brantley makes a huge difference. So does Abreu’s driving in runs. Diaz has been a surprise for me, and he will only get better. I understand and do not complain about JV’s and Framber’s wanting Machete to catch them; Machete occasionally surprises us with his bat too. I am not going to say a bad word about Dubon either. He has become a solid major leaguer this year. I think we are thin at SP, but we have been all year.

That said, here is what I would do in games Maldonado does not catch. I am not one who says Diaz should play every day, but he should play most of them. Chas should also. I am not the manager, but I would not do much tinkering with the lineup going forward except for batting Machete 9th and for the only very occasional day of rest.

McCormick (Machete, which may require another OF depending on Uncle Mike’s availability; Chas can move to LFor Diaz can DH and Yordan can be LF. I know Dubon will be in CF some, but he does not have to be)

When I was filling out lineup cards (I know, Charles, I am too old to be relevant), I picked a lineup and did not change it. We were not playing every day, of course, and I am not Dusty Baker. He is the anti-Coach Raup in lineup construction.

Dubon utility
Myers defensive replacement and PR
Singleton defensive replacement and occasional PH

Next year? Espada or somone else as manager and Maldonado as bench coach. I also read the Astros are talking to David Stearns about being President of Baseball Operations. I hope that is true and happens. The Mets are seriously pursuing him.


Greatly admire what Dubon has done. Reminds of a '17 Marwin.

That is one formidable lineup in the stretch run.


It’s amazing how much Brantley extends that lineup. It’s a pretty formidable one.


He makes a huge difference

I would love to see this lineup every day for the rest of the season.


Yep, I would too.

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Me as well. It’s ridiculous.


It really shows the faith and patience that Brown had at the deadline.

It was obvious this team needed another bat (I was a huge advocate for that) and he had the stones to hold on to the talent on the team and not pay the premium prices.

He and the organization had much more info than we fans about Brantley’s recovery.

It really looks to be one of the first impactful decisions in Brown’s tenure.

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Has to be a better line up than any other team can field and by a long shot. What team has posted a better line up in the past?

Have you seen the 2023 Braves?


Stay humble, stay hungry.


That’s why they play the games and all… but I don’t see anyone beating this Braves team.

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That’s a very fair point but i didn’t see the Nationals beating the Astros.


Or the Braves beating the Astros, I’d bet.


Oh man, neither did I. Lose all four games at home? No way.