The Letter

This “appeal” is a desperate Hail Mary.

For all the energy they’re putting into this, I hope there is something of substance.

Guessing there’s just suspicions raised by others and a stern warning.

Glad we’ll find out soon.

Oh, forgot to mention:

Fuck the Yankees.


This is the important thing to always remember

I think there is definitely something there they want to hide. NY attorneys are not cheap.

I keep thinking this, but I can’t imagine Cashman making those asinine comments if he knows that’s coming out.

Hubris is a hell of a thing


Or those asinine comments softened the ground so that he could pivot into playing the victim once the letter is released. “See? We had to cheat to stay competitive with the Astros’ cheating.”


Not quite competitive enough.

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The correct interpretation; we were defending the game’s honor

“We are fierce protectors of our family”

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“Keep my team’s name out your fucking mouth!”


Shouldn’t this stupid letter be all over the news by now? Did the Yankees get it suppressed again?

Courts move slow

Edit. Unless you get a speeding ticket, they want that pretty quickly

The Yankees never got it suppressed. It still is in the appellate process.

Wouldn’t granting en banc be pretty unusual for something like this?

No chance, imo. Even less chance the Supreme Court will take it.

Rehearings en banc are rare.

Where’s the money, Lebowski??


Obviously you’re not a golfer.

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I guess they’re just waiting on a ruling on the motion for rehearing?