The Inevitable What About The Inevitable You-Know-Who Thread Thread

Giuliani thought they said pro boner, and started to “tuck in his shirt”.

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Best line I heard about Boebert being cancelled by the Hitler Youth Conference:

“Damn…and I heard she was going to drop her top too”.

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Like there’s anyone there who hasn’t already seen her boobs.

McCarthy fails…again…to pass the Defense Appropriations bill. He is poised to get nothing done over the next 11 days and face-plant into a government shutdown.

He needs Democrats to vote with him, and the first thing he did coming out of the recess was to initiate an impeachment inquiry into Joe Biden. So, good luck with that, Kev.

Fun Fact: When Pelosi initiated the first impeachment inquiry into Trump, she did so by dint of her authority as Speaker. McCarthy did the same last week for the Biden inquiry. However, in-between those two events, the Office of Legal Counsel of the DOJ issued new rules to say that no House impeachment inquiry is legitimately constituted unless there is a full vote for such in the House. So Kevin’s inquiry is illegitimate, and so anyone asked or even subpoenaed to appear before the panel can tell them to get fucked.

It’s almost as if some states make registering to vote difficult on purpose.


What diet are you on that makes you a dumbass?

It’s far better than the McDonalds your Dear Leader survives on or the Mountain Dew and Cheetos that you have clogging your heart currently.

Biden should be the spokesperson for Ensure. He may also eat baby food as much as he kisses on and plays with children. Sad that you support that sort of thing.

Can you try that again? I lost my Qanon decoder ring.

You support a man who used to shower with his own daughter. Pretty sick.

Your entire world view is a conspiracy theory. How do you even visit the grocery store without shitting your pants?

And also… because sadly this is a thing now (as it is with every cult). How many family members have you lost contact with due to what you “believe”?


While yours is what the liberal media spoon feeds you.

Lin Wood has flipped. From Fani Willis’ latest filing:

Listen to yourself.

Every bit of venom that you spew about Predident Biden and various people you don’t agree with is unsubstantiated rumor spoon fed to you by the various extreme right social media sites and channels that support Trump and the MAGA movement.

The vast majority of things spoken here are initiated with some level of substantiation except for yours.

If you are going to accuse someone else of being influenced by outlets who have an agenda towards one side or the other, you need to look in the mirror.


Junior got hacked. Enjoy.

Can’t we just bag 'em all up and throw them into the Pit of Misery?

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Not sure about that one. Not guilty people are convicted occasionally, innocent almost never.

WFW. Listen to yourself. Crying like a 10 year old girl. The liberal media will protect Joe “pedo” Biden at all costs. Of course they won’t tell you anything bad about him. The liberal media is bought and paid for by the Democrat Party. It is nothing but propaganda.