The importance of the No hitter

This is from JaYson (sorry Chuck) Stark’s column, and I think it is both eloquent and selfless:

MARTÍN MALDONADO: “It’s about winning the game. That’s all. As long as we win the game, the result doesn’t matter. It’s about winning. The World Series is about winning. It’s not about a player or an achievement, or about player recognition or anything like that. The World Series is about winning. It’s about, ‘Give me as many innings as you can. Give us a chance to win.’”

In this era of I and ME, the Astros emphasize team.


I somehow lost even more respect for Cole when he pointed out that the difference with the Astros was that everything they do points to the team. Because he recognized that about the organization, and got as far away from it as fast as he could.


JV exemplified this in the regular season too.

I think twice he left games without giving up a hit.

But he knew he needed to limit his IP during his recovery and did/said all the right things.


I hope that asshat is enjoying the WS on TV.